CLASS: The CULP Cut and Sew Operation

There are no shortcuts to manufacturing quality products. In the fabric business, cut and sew manufacturing ensures that quality is inherent in the process from concept all the way to production.
In 2012, Culp established CLASS (Culp-Lava Applied Sewn Solutions) in partnership with A. Lava and Son, based on our mutual promise of innovation, quality and speed.

Mattresses should be designed to last. Fabric design, prototyping, research and development, and sample development are critical pieces of our process, ensuring that final outputs exceed buyer expectations. Here are three reasons why CLASS is THE choice for designers, manufacturers, purchasers, product developers, retailers, and, in the end, consumers:

  1. Flexible, scalable production. CLASS has cut and sew facilities worldwide, spanning from North Carolina and Chicago, Illinois to Haiti and China. Our large-scale capacity allows us to be reactive to changing demand and enables us to ramp up (or down) production as necessary. The mattress industry is known for its peaks and valleys, and we have structured our platform with this in mind. According to Sleep Savvy Magazine, younger consumers (aged 18-35) replace their mattresses more rapidly than their parents or grandparents. Increased demand impacts mattress production rates and changes manufacturing needs. 

  2. Supply chain predictability. We are owned by Culp, Inc., so we have the advantage of producing from fabric concept to finished product. This cuts costs, improves lead times, and makes the supply chain easier to manage for our customers.

  3. In-house services. CLASS has a talented team of in-house designers, researchers and developers with the drive, creativity and experience to create products that resonate with customers. CLASS offers one-stop shopping for zippered mattress covers, foundation covers, pillows, toppers, mattress products, and other soft goods for the home. Often a sample can be in your hand in one to two weeks. 

CLASS is a multi-faceted organization in a simple package. Clients connect with us because we’re all working toward the same goal: to create beautiful product with innovative features that consumers will return to time and again.

CLASS has the resources that buyers need, the innovative design that product developers want, and the capacity to keep the bottom line where it belongs. We empower people to faithfully impact what’s most important: family, community, and our industry – and these values guide all that we do.

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