The Life of a CHF Designer: An Introduction

Inspiration is everywhere in the life of a designer. CHF designers absorb the nuanced colors and patterns of the world around them and bring that inspiration into their work. Like our cars, homes and clothing, our mattresses can be an expression of who we are. Our designers know that mattresses are a critical component of our lives, considering how much time we spend asleep. The average person will spend one-third of their life asleep, making mattresses crucial to our happiness and well-being.

CHF designers work diligently to create mattress fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns, while offering the latest in sleep innovation technology. They understand the fibers and finishes that create the most effective performance fabrics to bring the healthiest sleep to end users. Sleep matters; therefore, our mattresses matter, too. So, how do our designers go about making critical design decisions? 


We encourage our designers to look beyond their daily lives to stretch the limits of their imagination. They study fashion and cultural trends from the past to the present. They visit art galleries and museums. Some enjoy exploring their own cities, while others travel to new places and bring back inspiration. They attend industry markets and shows to stay relevant through personal and professional development. Every pattern, every color and every shape becomes foundation for inspiration in the next fabric design.


Good mattress fabric design also incorporates specific technology to aid in comfortable sleep. Our designers research sleep habits and preferences in order to create fabric that boldly addresses how humans get the healthiest sleep. Designers work hand-in-hand with product developers and engineers to create fabrics with fibers and finishes that enhance functionality and performance. They know that mattress fabric should meet the unique needs of the customer, so they design with cool, clean, and comfortable technology that goes beyond what meets the eye. 

At Culp Home Fashions we pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators in the bedding industry, both in design and manufacturing. With access to patented fibers and finishes that make us the leader in performance textiles for mattresses, our designers are able to construct fabrics that implement the latest in sleep technology, design, and luxury.


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