Who is Culp?

Culp Inc. is a leader in the textile industry for design, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our products represent us from the inside out, because we put people first, and that carries into every aspect of our work.

Our Roots

In order to understand the now, it’s best to start from the beginning. In 1972, Robert G. Culp, Jr. founded R.G. Culp & Associates in High Point, NC as a converter of fabrics to the upholstery industry. Perhaps he was a visionary, or perhaps he just wanted to make a difference in his corner of the world. Regardless of his original goal, his shop was the first step into a company that would become a worldwide manufacturer with the highest quality and values.

R.G. Culp & Associates transitioned into Culp Ticking as a converter of woven and printed fabrics to the mattress industry, which then expanded into Culp Home Fashions (CHF). In 1985, Culp expanded its operations to weave and manufacture mattress fabrics internally. Over the next 20 years, facilities opened in Stokesdale and High Point, NC, Canada, Turkey, China, and Haiti. Culp also established important partnerships with A. Lava and Son (resulting in the creation of C.L.A.S.S.) and eLuxury, a Veteran owned and operated company in Evansville, Indiana that has grown to become one of the internet’s most trusted and successful specialty linen and home product providers.

Our Reach

Externally, we’ve expanded our resources and facilities. Internally, we’ve stayed grounded through family ownership and values. Through the years, our family has expanded to include the people we work with and serve every day: employees, designers, partnering manufacturers, and consumers. It is our people who inspire us to grow. Our company is a living, breathing entity because of each role within. Although we are a public company, we have always been a family company — American made, and still NC made, which ties us straight to our roots set forward by Robert G. Culp, Jr.

Our history, experience, and influence starts at home and spans across the world. When it comes to our customers’ needs, we’ve thought of every detail, because we start with the highest quality materials and expand from there to create the most resilient products. Our capability to create from start to finish across all of our channels allows for us to provide an all-inclusive approach coupled with scalable manufacturing. We want you to experience the best – all in one place – and feel right at home.

Our roots are strong and deep: built in family, innovation, quality, comfort, and sustainability, so you can rest easy. We are leaders and innovators. We are Culp.


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