Defining Quality in Mattress Fabrics: Woven Damask vs. Circular Knits

With innovation comes change for the better. Ticking is the foundation of the overall comfort and performance of a mattress, as well as how attractive it is on the retail floor, so mattress fabric design has moved from simple functionality to elegant artistry. Our products have always represented the highest quality, and we place importance on our ability to stay ahead of the curve in ticking manufacturing and design. As design transforms through time, so do the types of fabric that make up the product.

Traditional Woven Damask

Traditionally, mattress fabrics have been made from woven material, including printed, single, or double damask depending on changing trends and customer needs. Wovens can be quilted to create custom designs, and our CLASS partnership with A. Lava and Son along with eLuxury allows CHF to integrate quilting into our fabric designs so that our customers never have to look outside of our brands to fulfill their needs.

Design and functionality continue to change, and the underlying technology does as well. Wovens are still an exquisite choice for some mattress products, because we have the ability to soften or firm them and change the hand so that you can feel the difference, and they work well with specific quilting designs. When it comes to panel and border selection, wovens have historically been used for all areas of the bed. With the emergence of circular knitting machines and new types of knits that have the capability to resemble wovens, knits began replacing all areas on the bed. Knits also have properties that can now alter the  varying levels of soft or firm of the fabric, although wovens are still preferred in some products depending on design and yarn choice.

Emerging Circular Knits

Circular knits have specific benefits that make them the most popular choice for ticking. Knits have the property of being the softest product available due to our ability to change the level of loft by controlling the gram weight. In doing so, the fabrics either have a fair amount of puff or a small amount, which defines the firmness while the hand maintains its soft feel. 

Circular knits also have the distinct ability to recover when roll-packed, shipped, or moved in any manner. With the rapid onset of roll-packed mattresses on the market, many companies need fabrics that will recover at a remarkable speed to delight consumers as soon as they are unboxed. Knits recover in form and puff when packed and have long-lasting properties, so whether they are box shipped or are featured on the retail floor, ticking created with knit fabric exceeds expectations. 

Customized Textile Innovations

The type of mattress fabric to use on each portion of the product will vary based on the unique needs of the customer and end users. We work with our designers and purchasers in partnership and create specialized designs and products to help them create quality mattresses. Whether it’s a patterned border with a subdued panel or a panel that wraps completely around the mattress, we will customize and engineer the product specifically for your needs.

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