Cooling Yarns: Qualities of Synthetic and Natural Yarns for Mattress Fabrics

Just one great night’s sleep improves your mood and performance for the day ahead. Getting the minimum of 7 hours is a helpful start, but if your body temperature is not regulated properly throughout the night, your sleep quality declines, decreasing your body’s ability to recover and regenerate.

Cooling technology helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep, improving your sleep patterns overall health. CHF’s research and development team constantly researches to bring our customers the best options for cooling technology from a variety of sources. We offer cooling tech in both synthetic and natural yarn fibers. Each type has a unique set of qualities for manufacturers as they consider benefits for the end user.


One of our coolest yarn options available is COOLER, made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a synthetic fiber composed of very long chains of polymers with a very high percent of parallel orientations and high level of crystallinity. The fibers are manufactured in a gel spinning process, which creates extremely long polymer chains that enable load transfer by strengthening intermolecular interactions. When turned into yarn, UHMWPE fibers have very high thermal conductivity, which draws excess heat from the body to create comfortable sleep. 

The benefits of polyethylene include excellent strength to weight ratio, high abrasion resistance, low specific gravity, UV stability, and resistance to fatigue and internal friction. Since it is a fiber and not a finish, the qualities last for the life of the fabric. On the final product, the fabric is cool to the touch and is one of our premium cooling products.


Another synthetic cooling yarn is Polar Touch, a nylon yarn that is long-lasting, lightweight, and exceptionally priced. Thermal effusivity tested, Polar Touch offers cooling properties without harsh chemicals. Abrasion resistant and resilient, Polar Touch offers remarkable hand and drape with the added benefit of being quiltable.


Cooling technology is also available in natural fibers. Our TENCEL® yarn is made from lyocell fibers of botanic origin that are sourced through extracting material from raw wood. The fibers are produced through an ecofriendly process (via a closed loop system) and the textiles made from the fibers reflect nature itself: they are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

The exceptional qualities of lyocell include its friendliness to the environment, extreme absorption, color retention, and natural softness without need of a finish. Its wicking ability is unparalleled because the fibers absorb moisture completely and naturally, and then release it due to the fibril structure. This unique trait creates an optimal environment for the skin during sleep because the natural fibers significantly reduce the formation of bacteria and moisture is transported immediately to the inside of the fiber so that no moisture film remains. 

Whether you’re looking for a synthetic yarn with high cooling properties or a more natural option that regulates temperature through moisture absorption, Culp Home Fashions can customize mattress fabrics for your needs. These three yarn options are just a sample of our options for cooling technology, and you can learn more about them here or contact us for more information.

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