The Importance of Border and Panel Mattress Fabrics on the Sales Floor

Design is the first aspect of a mattress that customers notice on the sales floor. Whether or not they realize it, customers are drawn to certain types of visuals that catch their eye, which will depend on their preferences in style, color, and overall aesthetics. To appeal to different types of consumers, we work with our customers to design a variety of unique, eye-catching styles that will attract, invite, and impress on the retail floor and in e-commerce.

Attract the Consumer

There are generally two types of customers in any store: those who want help and those who want to browse alone until they’re ready. A great salesperson can find the balance of helpfulness without being overbearing. When customers begin browsing, they are taking in products from afar, which starts out as a glance around the room as they walk and observe. 

When customers come within ten feet of a product, the primary elements of the design should attract them to come closer. Designs that attract are iconic and have signature traits that are immediately recognizable. Recent trends in mattress ticking have shifted to larger scale patterns, jumbos, and engineered panels that draw in an onlooker.

Invite to Take a Closer Look

After a pattern catches the eye of a customer, the design should invite them to take a closer look. At this point, the viewer comes within five feet of the product. The customer will be taking in more of the secondary elements, such as the nuances in color, patterns, or possible quilting in the design on the panel and border fabrics. 

The customers may want more information about the product at this time if they are looking for branding elements, pricing sheets, or begin looking around for a salesperson.

Impress with Details

When customers approach a mattress and begin interacting with it, they are taking in the tertiary elements, including details that involve the senses. They will feel the softness of the fabric and may sit or rest on it to feel the comfort level based on their preferences for how firm or soft a mattress should be.

If a customer continues to linger near one design in particular or is looking closely at a couple of products, a salesperson can be the key in determining the best mattress for their needs. Often, customers know generally what they want, but may not realize all of the aspects that are available, such as smart textiles with performance features that extend beyond what meets the eye. Design draws in to attract and invite, and innovative features such as temperature control or antimicrobial protection can help finalize the sale.

Design in E-commerce

Due to the expansion of online sales and the rise of roll-packed mattresses made with circular knits, retailers must understand that some consumers may never see or touch a product in person until it is delivered to their door. Design and performance are of utmost importance, and the mattress must be able to attract, invite and impress – all within a photograph or video. 

E-commerce brings design to a new level, because high-quality images and video along with descriptive content will highlight details of varying styles for customers to trust the product and understand how it will be beneficial for them.

We ensure quality and value down to every detail, because our products endure on the retail floor all the way through to daily use for sleep that brings true rest.


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