An Insider’s Look: Mattress Innovations Below the Surface

The first aspect we notice about any product is its overall appearance. Industries spend billions of dollars every year on branding and labeling. Design is important, but after the packaging is gone, product quality and functionality take precedence.

When it comes to ticking, design trends bring beauty and comfort. With the onset of smart textiles, design now offers more than what meets the eye. Below the surface, textile innovations for mattress fabrics can contain fibers or finishes with healing properties to help the body regenerate and stay healthy during sleep.

Balance: Copper

Researchers have developed products with elements from the environment that help with balance and renewal.
Copper is a trace mineral found in nature and is an essential nutrient within the body. It plays a role in maintaining a range of bodily functions, including the immune system, nerve cells, and red blood cells. It also helps with energy production, which aids in overall balance of the body.

We offer CuTEC®, a unique copper fiber that helps reduce odor, improve hygiene, and can improve skin due to its natural properties. Copper is prevalent in our ecosystem and is present in many foods, as it is essential to agriculture and animals. When used in a mattress fabric, it helps the body naturally maintain hygiene and balance, which lends to healthier sleep.

Cleanliness: Antimicrobial

A clean environment provides greater overall health and wellness. While we sleep, our bodies regenerate and need protection from unseen microbes and bacteria that could live under the surface.

Culp Home Fashions offers a variety of clean fibers and finishes to combat undesired microbes. Sanitized® is a protective finish that inhibits growth of bacteria and permanently prevents the growth of microbes. It also contains antibacterial protection using carefully selected and safe active ingredients. ARMORPUR is another antimicrobial finish that protects against stains and odor causing mold, mildew, and other bacteria.  

Elements from nature within textiles help with sustainability. We offer an Aloe Vera finish that features exceptional nano-technology to shield from stains. It also provides durable, breathable, and FR compliant antimicrobial protection that is revolutionary and safe.

When we develop product for customers, our designers and engineers ensure quality in design and technology both above and below the surface to bring healthier sleep.


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