Mattress Ticking 101: Common Misconceptions About Mattress Fabric

Mattress ticking has changed drastically over the decades. It is no longer a simple covering to hold feathers or other fillers that formerly made up a mattress; it has entered the design world and added in sleep science and technology through textile innovations. Since mattress fabric has transformed through time, it is important to learn the misconceptions in order to fully understand how ticking affects sleep.

1) Ticking is Not Just Fabric

Think of the places where you’ve been most uncomfortable in your sleep. Perhaps it was your college dorm room or a roll-out cot at a hotel. Poorly created ticking makes a mattress feel like springs wrapped in a thin layer of fabric. It is unhealthy for your neck and spine, and in the morning, you do not feel well-rested.

Now, imagine your favorite place to sleep. You likely associate good sleep with comfort, because true rest involves all of your senses for the ideal environment. Since touch is such a strong part of our sensory environment, the properties within ticking are an important aspect of a good night’s rest. High quality ticking will offer the best in durable fabrics with comfort so that you can experience great sleep night after night.

2) Ticking is Not Just Something You Cover with Sheets

The fibers that make up mattress ticking actually affect your overall health and wellness. Yes, you should cover your mattress with sheets, yet it’s also imperative to understand the makeup of the ticking underneath in order to choose the best technology to meet your needs. 

If you find yourself waking up feeling hot, ask about ticking with cooling characteristics like Chiller, and make sure the fibers are breathable as well as antimicrobial, such as Armor Pur. If you have trouble sleeping due to discomfort, look into ticking blends with cashmere for softness or research CuTEC, which binds copper into the fabric to balance the body during sleep.

 3) Ticking is Not Just a Random Pattern

Design is an influential part of the world, and it appears through art and history in countless ways. We study fashion design, interior design, and global trends in order to be at the forefront of design in the textile industry. Our designs are unique and custom creations for our customers that incorporate the latest in sleep innovation and technology.

The patterns and designs on ticking can have multiple purposes: visual attractiveness, luxury, breathability, comfort and performance. Some of our ticking designs feature medallions or ornate motifs, while others tend towards clean lines and color faces. We offer a wide array of patterns and colors to meet the needs of our consumers both domestically and internationally.

If you’re sleeping on a mattress made with innovative ticking of the highest quality, you will feel the difference. “Getting your beauty sleep” is not an old adage – sleep truly affects the overall rejuvenation of the body.


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