Beyond the Fabric: How CLASS and eLuxury Provide Innovative Top-of-Bed Products

Culp Home Fashions is unique because we offer customized services so our clients get exactly what they need with precision and efficiency. Our one-stop-shop for top-of-bed products provides in-house manufacturing and supply chain predictability, along with flexible, scalable production.

CLASS Services

In order to meet every need, our fabrics can be sent to CLASS, our cut and sew division, to produce zippered mattress covers, foundation covers, pillows, toppers, mattress products, and other soft goods for the home. This vertical integration allows us to provide quality from thread to finished product.

Fabric Design: Due to the ability to work directly with Culp Home Fashions, CLASS customers can work directly with designers to create custom fabric and designs for the product. Since our teams constantly study fashion and interior design, we help our customers stay ahead of the trends for their new products. 

R + D Department: Clients also have access to our exceptional research and development team, who understand the unique features of each of our yarns and finishes. They continually research technology in comfort, clean, and cool properties to provide the highest quality selections for customers.

Cut + Sew Prototyping: Our unique technology allows us to create customized prototypes using computer simulations for clients to see what the final product will look like before it is sent to production. Clients have the ability to request changes and go through multiple stages of collaboration with our team until the final prototype is selected.

Sample Turnaround: Once the prototype is finalized, we move it into production and send a sample to the client within 1-2 weeks. We then have the ability to scale production based on needs in the industry, which makes supply chain easier because we produce from thread to finished product. Our cut and sew facilities in NC, IL, Haiti, and China allow us to provide all services with quick turnaround, cut costs, and improve lead times.

eLuxury Products

Culp Inc. acquired eLuxury in 2018 to provide direct-to-consumer bedding products and expand Culp’s ability to meet the needs of all types of customers in new markets. The companies share an affinity for excellence in customer service and quality products, making them a great fit for Culp’s values. eLuxury offers a variety of top-of-bed products, including mattress protectors, mattress pads, and sheets, along with other bed, bath, and pet items. 

The removable pillow top Bamboo Mattress Pad is the best-selling American made luxury mattress pad on the market due to its sustainably-sourced materials, silky feel, breathability, and extra soft plush filling.  

The Tencel Mattress Pad is another product known for its natural, eco-friendly production and anti-bacterial and temperature regulating properties. The unique Tencel yarn helps promote healthier sleep because it stays clean and comfortable throughout the night, allowing the body to sleep soundly.

Culp Inc. continues to expand its reach by providing the most innovative, high quality products and services to its customers. Contact Culp CLASS to inquire about your next project.

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