CuTEC: How Copper is Changing the Way You Sleep

Copper is element #29 in the Period Table. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, it is an essential human element that helps enzymes transfer energy in cells. Its most popular uses are for electrical equipment and construction, yet because of its unique properties, it is now used in textiles. Culp Home Fashions offers CuTEC®, a yarn that utilizes the qualities of copper by binding the proprietary copper compound to the textile fiber. This enables the copper technology to become a homogenous part of the fiber matrix, and when used on a mattress, it can help bring wellness to sleep.


CuTEC yarn is backed by extensive scientific research. Copper is a natural element that is present in foods like nuts and seeds, leafy greens, and some fruits. Known for its antimicrobial properties to help prevent infection, its consumption brings essential nutrition for a healthy diet. As scientists continue to study its properties, they have discovered other uses for copper. 

The CuTEC team combines “research and development, engineering, field testing, and human data [to] produce products that make a difference to customers in comfort, function and performance” (CuTEC). The CHF Research and Development team partners with CuTEC as a yarn option for our mattress fabrics because of its unique, natural qualities and the company’s innovative spirit to revolutionize the textile industry.

Skin Wellness

Since copper has natural antimicrobial properties, CuTEC scientists performed studies on how it affects the skin. They found that the fibers helped reduce odor, improved hygiene, and enhanced the look and feel of the skin, which created a healthier environment for the wearer. Since humans spend approximately 30% of their time sleeping, it makes perfect sense to bring healthier skin tone and texture through the use of copper in mattress fabrics – the fibers work for you while you sleep! 

Healthier Sleep

Our clean technology selections for fibers and finishes are available because antimicrobial properties are important for healthy skin, and they also reduce moisture that is produced by the body throughout the night while it regulates temperature. Cooling tech helps regulate the temperature itself, while clean tech helps fight bacteria and prevents the spread of germs. Therefore, the healthiest sleep reduces the spread of germs that cause sickness, and CuTEC does that while enhancing the look and feel of the skin, allowing it to naturally rejuvenate and bring balance through sleep.

CuTEC is available as a fiber option through special request from Culp Home Fashions. Contact us to learn about how you can add it to your mattress fabric.

Our innovative technology continues to raise the standards, and we commit to keep you informed as we move forward together.

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