Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect First Mattress for Your Child

They grow up so fast. It seems so recent that your little one was sleeping in a crib, then it became the mini toddler bed, and now you need to think about purchasing a mattress that is going to last as your child continues to grow. 

As you’re buying the first “big kid” bed, there’s a lot to consider. You may feel overwhelmed and emotional just thinking about the fact that your child is not a baby anymore, so ease into the process with these tips to consider as you’re looking for a mattress.

1. Make it a Memory

A mattress is a major purchase, and it’s also a big event in the life of your child! Although the parents will have the final buying decision, allow your child (or children) to take part in the selection process. Remember: most mattresses last about eight years, so your child is likely to spend over 20,000 hours sleeping on it.

Buying online is great these days, but you might also want to visit a few retail stores together to experience the look and feel of different types and designs of mattresses to discover what is most comfortable for your child. To really make a memory, bring your own pillows and try them out together.

 2. Keep It Simple

Purchasing a mattress is getting more and more simple. Manufacturers and retailers are finding innovative ways to create the most ease for the consumer.

First, you need to decide what size mattress that you will purchase. A twin or extra-long twin is usually a great start, since it provides just as much room for a child as an adult has in a queen or king-sized bed. It also leaves more space in the room for a play area. If siblings share a room, two twin beds will create personal space for each child. However, a full size or larger is a great option if your child is a little bit older or taller and you’re thinking about the later years when they will still have the mattress.

Next, look into purchasing a roll-packed mattress to make it easier for you to set up the room. There are plenty of foam mattresses on the market made with durable knit fabrics that come rolled up tightly in a box, and all you do is pull it out and let it unroll right on the bed frame – the foam will expand, and the knit fabric will recover without wrinkles. You can purchase these at a retail store for simple transporting in most vehicles, or choose to order them online so that they can be shipped right to your door. If you’re purchasing multiples for siblings, roll-packed is the way to go for simplicity. 

3. Choose Quality Over Price

A mattress is a long-term investment. If your child will be spending thousands of hours in this bed over the years, think about the importance of their comfort and sleep health. Getting the proper amount of sleep throughout childhood will improve performance in school and extra-curricular activities. If a mattress is cheap and uncomfortable, children are more likely to wake parents up during the night because they can’t stay asleep, which in turn causes you to lose sleep. 

A high-quality bed does not have to be the most expensive bed on the market. You can find a variety of mattresses at different price points that will fit your budget, have longevity for the years to come, and that also have qualities that will help your child get proper rest. 

4. Prioritize Performance

Performance fabric contains technology that keeps a mattress clean – both above and below the surface of the mattress. For example, a LiveSmart performance finish keeps a mattress safe from bacterial growth from harmful germs and allergens that cause sickness, and it prevents stains that come from spills or accidents on the surface of the fabric.

The great trait about performance fabrics is that they’re still very soft, unlike some plastic-feeling waterproof protectors that are uncomfortable. When you choose a mattress with performance fabric, you get softness as well as inherent durability with moisture repellence and stain resistance, which are all great qualities for kids as they grow up.

 5. Create a Cool Environment

Another aspect that affects healthy sleep is temperature. The body needs an optimal environment to regulate itself during sleep. Many mattresses are now available with cooling technology, which allows heat to be stored and released as the body’s temperature changes throughout the night, which helps people to fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep throughout the night. More sleep for your kids means more sleep for you!

On top of the actual cooling technology within the mattress, help your kids feel comfortable in their new space by allowing them to make it their own. Your child will sleep comfortably in a room where they feel like they have ownership over their choice in the mattress, as well as the decorations that you help them choose. Although growing up is bittersweet, the experience of choosing the first “grownup” mattress can be a great experience for everyone involved.

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