Behind the Scenes: Telling Our Story Through Video

At Culp Home Fashions, business is far more than work: it is a place to cultivate relationships, grow in our talents, and thrive in our industry.

Over the past few months, we took on a project to showcase who we are so that our community, partners, and industry could get to know us for who we really are – a family, dedicated to quality and innovation. We’re excited to share our story with you in our new video, and we’d like to give you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the filming. 

Our Culture

For us, the culture of CHF is all about family: we’re founded on family values, and throughout the years, we’ve expanded our family to include employees and customers. Above all, we believe our people are essential to our success worldwide. We wanted to ensure that this video portrayed the heartbeat of our company: the people. It includes close-ups of individuals within the company who make up the organization as a whole, and it evokes emotion that allows viewers to become part of that family with us.

 Who We Are:

"CHF is the market leader in North America, but we also embrace a culture that operates like a family business. We have the best of both worlds." - Iv Culp, President

"The culture and environment of Culp Home Fashions is one of sharing and loyalty, which I look forward to each day." - Sandy Brown, Executive VP

"I think what would surprise people most about CHF are how many people work here and how many people…contribute every single day, and are here doing their jobs every day and pushing forward to make a company like this come together." - Holly Fulton, Digital Marketing Manager 
 Culture at Culp Home Fashions

Our History

Since 1974, we have been dedicated to creating high-quality product paired with great customer service and a family-centered work atmosphere. Our facilities have expanded significantly since Robert G. Culp, Jr. opened his small business, but we have kept our values at the center of all that we do. Our Culp Home Fashions headquarters in Stokesdale, NC is the “flagship and corporate location for bedding products, and the crown jewel of our platform housing our innovation, design, and quality-focused operations,” (Iv Culp) and it is now 537,000 square feet after our recent expansions. We are also a global business with multiple locations in order to supply our customers with accuracy and speed; yet, we are so much more than buildings.

We have expanded into a major manufacturer and marketer of all types of bedding products, yet we still operate with the personality and customer service of a smaller, family-owned business. After four decades, we continue to hold true to our roots passed down from generation to generation.

Where We Came From:

"With four decades of innovation and quality, we are constantly expanding our product lines. We place an emphasis on creativity and originality." - Holly Fulton, Digital Marketing Manager

"As I think back to what values I learned from my dad and my grandfather watching the way they ran the business … I watched the work ethic that they had, the focus they had on the customer, the appreciation they had for employees, and so I think to sum that up it's just a real sense of gratitude." - Iv Culp, President

"Culp is family. Everything we do here, every person and every interaction is like being part of a big family, and it's really just a legacy where you're continuing a really big piece of history that's not only important to our company, but important to North Carolina and the textiles industry." - Holly Fulton, Digital Marketing Manager


Our Process

Every detail in our process tells our story of quality and value. Our research and development team sources the highest quality yarns with the newest technology, our design team carefully develops unique ideas for customers featuring top trends, and our manufacturing team attentively cares for our in-house USA manufacturing process to bring our fabrics to completion. We desire to meet customers’ needs by walking through the journey with them as they select product that will increase sales and delight consumers.

 What We Do:

"Fabric is the star of your mattress journey. Our hope is Culp Home Fashions is the fabric of their good night's sleep." - Sandy Brown, Executive VP

"In order for our fabrics to reach our customers, we in-house, have high technology finishing capabilities, and an integrated cut and sew operation, CLASS, for sewn covers." - Holly Fulton, Digital Marketing Manager

"We truly believe here at Culp that to whom much is given much is expected, and so we're constantly trying to do the right things for our business, for our associates, and for our industry." - Iv Culp, President 

Culp manufacturing equipment

We invite you to join us in this journey. Click on the image below to watch our story.

"We look forward to continuing our legacy with you. From all of us at Culp Home Fashions, welcome to the Culp family." - Iv Culp, President 

Watch the Culp Home Fashions Story 



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