Fit for the Floor: High Performance Mattress Fabric Styles

Mattresses on the retail floor typically need extra care and attention. Since most are white or lightly colored, they tend to get dingy over time, become discolored, or start pilling due to store visitors. New innovations in textiles are changing the game when it comes to the look and feel of mattress fabrics, and retailers can reap the benefits.

Keep Your Floor Samples Sparkling

First impressions are everything. When customers walk through your doors, they will make automatic judgements on the overall feeling of the store – both in the customer service they receive, as well as the appearance of the mattresses on the floor. Make the most of your store’s impression on customers by ensuring that your mattresses always look clean on the retail floor.

Clean technology improves the hygiene of a bed. Not only does it protect the top of the bed from becoming stained or worn, it also protects from microbial growth below the surface. Truly, mattress fabrics with performance qualities are a win-win for the retailer and the consumer.

If you want your mattresses to keep a vibrant white (or any variation of color), choosing a fabric with clean sleep technology will provide a safeguard and impress buyers, no matter how long it has been on the sales floor. Even if you are not selling every mattress with performance traits, it’s a great idea to propose adding a performance finish like LiveSmart to all mattresses on the retail floor to keep your store (or showroom) looking pristine.

Invite Customers to Experience the Difference

Customers who shop in-store want to understand what it’s actually like to sleep in the bed. After all, a mattress purchase is a major transaction, and they will spend a lot of time sleeping there. Create a comfortable, interactive atmosphere on your retail floor by inviting customers to fully experience the mattress. If the fabric has a performance finish, you can demonstrate how liquid rolls off and spills can be wiped clean with a cloth. 

Another feature that will impress customers beyond comfort and cleanliness is adding cooling technology to your mattress options. When a sleeper’s body temperature is not in an optimal environment, sleep quality decreases. Fabrics made with PCM or polyethylene help control the temperature of the mattress throughout the night so that the body can properly rest and rejuvenate. If you feature a mattress made with Polar Touch or  Tencel™ fiber, store visitors can actually experience the difference because the fabric will feel cool to the touch.

When your retail store offers innovative products that are ahead of the trend, customers will notice – and they will spread the word. Genuine customer service paired with the ability to provide the best mattresses around will set you apart. To learn more about how Culp Home Fashions works with mattress manufacturers to provide the highest quality top-of-bed products, read our 2019 Mattress Fabric Industry Guide.


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