Is Your Mattress Healthy? How Clean Mattress Fabrics Can Prolong the Life of Your Bed

Cleanliness should never be underestimated; it is an imperative aspect of life that strengthens overall health and wellness. The trend for antimicrobial fabric is ever-increasing because researchers and consumers have become more conscious and aware of its importance when it comes to everyday use and ability to extend the lifetime of the fabric itself.

Generally, what extends the life of a mattress? Regular maintenance and keeping the fabric clean are the top priorities to caring for a mattress, as well as using a protective cover for overall cleanliness and comfort. Most research suggests that a mattress should be replaced every eight years, but that number can go down or up significantly based on mattress quality, level of care, and unique traits.

What’s Really in Your Mattress?

It’s important to understand that mattresses are home to the growth of bacteria in many forms due to dead skin, dust mites, allergens, fungal spores, pet hair, stains, viruses, dirt, body oil, and perspiration. These irritants living in a bed cause an increase in irritants that contribute to asthma and allergies, not to mention more exposure to sickness-causing germs. A Live Science article demonstrated that mattresses are made up of colonies of dust mites that feed on dead skin, oil, and moisture, which actually increase the weight of a mattress each year. Although some say a quick fix is to flip a mattress to keep it clean, many mattresses cannot be turned due to pillowtop or other design, and ignoring a problem will only cause it to get worse in the long run.

While these facts are repulsive and alarming, clean sleep technology backed by research is proven to have antimicrobial traits that inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the environment safe from increased bacterial growth. Mattresses should have a practical purpose so that everyone in the home, including adults, kids, and pets, can live in a safe and healthy environment.  

Clean Sleep Technology: Bringing Health To Your Mattress

Extending the life of a mattress goes well beyond what the fabric looks like on the surface. The lowliest criminals inside of a mattress are microscopic warriors that are not detectable to the naked eye. With clean technology in mattress fabrics and mattress protectors, these tiny perpetrators will not have the ability to thrive and grow, thus extending the overall health and lifespan of a mattress.

Clean finishes are available in a variety of options for Culp Home Fashions customers. For example, Sanitized protective finish inhibits the growth of bacteria and permanently prevents the undesired growth of microbes. Since this hygienic finish makes it impossible for microbes to ingest nourishment from their surroundings, they are unable to grow or reproduce. Another antimicrobial finish is Microbe Shield by AEGIS, which guarantees optimal freshness and hygiene for textiles and combats odor-causing bacteria by means of a physical mechanism that deactivates microorganisms and is safe for you and your environment. Clean fabrics can be complemented for optimal protection through antimicrobial mattress protectors, such as Arctic and Opulent from eLuxury.

Extend the life of your mattress with clean sleep technology that increases overall wellness in the home.

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