Mattresses for Millennials: Why They Care Where They Sleep

The millennial generation has characteristics that are interpreted in various ways, yet their unique traits and view of the world are shaping our culture and the way that we do business. They grew up in a world heavily influenced by digital media, and by 2020, they will make up almost half of the workforce in America. Therefore, it is important to understand how to effectively reach them in the mattress and bedding products industry.

Our innovative products are backed by research not only within our industry, but also amidst the culture and needs of our customers, from business partnerships to end consumers. We place importance on discovering the needs of each generation in order create products that are effective and useful to them. Let’s delve into three main concepts that define the top choices for millennials when choosing a mattress.



Sustainability is important to millennials because they see themselves as members of a global community since they have unlimited digital access to understanding the world around them. They usually research products and origins before making a large purchase, and items that are sourced sustainably are likely to be highly prioritized.

Sustainable products that are high quality and long-lasting will take precedence when it comes to mattress choice. If a mattress fabric or topper is renewably sourced, such as naturally derived bamboo or Tencel® fibers, millennials will feel confident that their purchase does not harm the environment. Another great option for a sustainable fiber is REPREVE, a yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles, which offsets the need to use new resources and emits fewer greenhouse gases.


Millennials also appreciate innovation and are accepting of technology when it exhibits ways to improve health for the long term. They tend to get more sleep than their Gen X predecessors because they value the importance of wellness along with a work/life balance. They want a mattress that will not only be comfortable, but will also provide true rest and bring wellness, such as temperature regulation or clean technology with antimicrobial traits. 

Companies should stay ahead of cutting-edge advances in order to capture millennial audiences, because they like to be at the forefront of development. When it comes to buying choices, they will research not only the product itself, but also the company that makes it to ensure that their ideals align. Millennials look for companies who give back to their communities and have a strong brand story.




With innovation comes ways to work smarter, not harder, which is an important tenet of the millennial mindset. They appreciate minimal yet fashionable trends that are durable and practical for their busy lives.

Since millennials want flexibility with their time and schedules in order to pursue balance and personal development, they tend to look for bed-in-a-box mattresses that are made with sustainable fibers. CHF knits are durable and can be roll-packed, shipped, unboxed, and then recover and expand quickly without wrinkles. 

Sleep is important to every generation, yet where and how we sleep makes a difference in the way that we work and live every day. Choosing sustainable, innovative, and quality ticking fabrics will appeal to the millennial generation and keep you at the forefront of the industry


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