TENCEL the Super Fiber

Renewable resources and sustainability are not just trends; they are vital responsibilities in the mattress industry. The fiber options that we offer are available in a wide array of combinations to create fabrics that meet the exact specifications and needs of our customers from design to functionality.

A Healthy and Sustainable Environment

yarn is made from Lyocell and Modal fibers of botanic origin that are sourced through extracting material from sustainable wood sources. The fibers derive from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations mostly from renewable raw material beech wood. Since the wood and pulp are harvested from certified and controlled sources, customers can rest assured that the fabric is not creating an adverse impact on the environment.

The production of TENCEL is environmentally responsible due to its closed loop process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers through solvent-spinning that recycles water and reuses solvent at a recovery rate of 99%. This environmentally-sound production process involves high efficiency in resources and causes low environmental impact.

Unique Qualities 

When our designers work with customers on design and yarn choices, it’s important to understand a variety of needs and offer product selections that will properly meet them. Our research and development team chose TENCEL because of its incredible softness, remarkable hand and ability to stay cool.

Our three main tenets for fabric technology options include cool, comfort, and clean. Some fibers provide one or two of these traits, yet CHF TENCEL rises above because it encompasses all three qualities. Made from Lyocell fibers, it absorbs moisture efficiently to keep the body cool, is highly flexible, and exquisitely soft.

Skin Benefits

Natural fabrics promote a healthy environment for the skin because the TENCEL fibers exhibit a completely smooth surface area, producing a soft hand and ensuring comfort and gentleness for sensitive skin. They also support the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, which keeps skin cool and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep. The cellulose fibers absorb external moisture into the fibril structure, which keeps the skin clean and wicks away the harmful formation of bacteria during sleep. TENCEL’s ability to keep skin clean, dry, and soft sets it apart as a superior product.

TENCEL is available upon request to CHF customers for mattress fabrics and available to consumers through eLuxury as a mattress topper or the Opulence Mattress Protector. Its sustainable sourcing process, versatility, and unique benefits make it an innovative choice for top-of-bed products.


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