Sustainability: More Than a Mattress Industry Trend

Sustainability in textile innovations is imperative in the mattress industry. We create from thread to finished product with design in mind to ensure that quality and sustainability remain the most important aspects of every final piece. Our trusted partners have peace of mind knowing the direct source of our materials and can expect an uncomplicated process from beginning to end.

Although industries and companies have been redefining the widespread concept of sustainability for decades, we believe that it is not just a trend; it is a vital responsibility.

Renewable Resources

We start with the finest fibers and develop those into high quality fabric. One of our sustainably sourced eco-friendly fibers that offers luxurious comfort smooth hand, and flowing gentle drape is bamboo, which is available on the eLuxury Bamboo Mattress Pad. We offer it due to its properties as a renewable resource because the bamboo plant is fast-growing and regenerates itself. Its round fiber structure also produces a silky, soft shine that reflects sheen and luster. It is also antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-static, and hypoallergenic, which lends to a healthier environment. Its abrasion-proof capacity makes it durable and long-lasting, and it has extraordinary breathability. 

We also offer cashmere and organic cotton as long-lasting, eco-friendly options that are safe for the environment and consumers. We ensure that renewable resources enrich and give back to our environment by building back biologically diverse agriculture systems that replenish soil fertility, which promotes cleaner air and water. When we source sustainably, we can all sleep soundly knowing that our efforts reduce environmental impact.

Recycled Fibers 

Along with sustainable natural fibers, CHF also offers a yarn called REPREVE®, which is made from recycled materials. This product offsets the need to use new resources, and emits fewer greenhouse gases while conserving water and energy in the process. The original goal of REPREVE was to create one of the most earth-friendly fabric ingredients in the world, and to provide a reprieve for the planet. The main resource in this fiber is plastic water bottles, and they transform into a quality textile fiber that lasts. Since the creation of REPREVE, the product has transformed more than 4 billion recycled bottles into fiber – and we use it to create sustainable textiles that make a lasting impact.

To learn more about the specific options in our fibers, visit the comfort section of our technology page. 

Reusable Packaging

When we launched Comfort Supply Company at the start of 2018, we knew that our top-of-bed products must be innovative and reflect our commitment to excellence. In a press release published for BedTimes, Iv Culp, president of CHF, noted: “Many of our products will offer special features, bringing exclusive benefits to the bedding accessories category.” Our top-of-bed products from Comfort Supply Co. extend the life of mattresses for overall sustainability. We offer an array of choices in wicking finishes and sustainable fabrics that promote healthier sleep. 

Beyond the product itself, we designed our signature Packaging with a Purpose® to give our bags a second life. The bags are clear, and their purpose is as well: to supply you with reusable totes for your favorite occasions.

Whether it be a professional or collegiate game, a carry-all tote for the beach, linen storage in your house, or a fun day trip, our bags are durable for continual reuse. Our storage bags reflect the greater intention in all of our bedding accessory lines, which is to create more sustainable products that make a lasting impact. 

We are committed to continually improving our processes through promoting healthy living and environmental safety as we integrate sustainable practices throughout our line of brands. 

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