From Design to Product: In-House Textile Manufacturing

When it comes to high quality product, the process is important. We carefully manage a fully integrated platform of manufacturing and distribution facilities because we value the fact that details make the difference.

Our Culp Home Fashions manufacturing facilities have full capability to create from yarn to finished product, and our robust supply chain allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers. Each of our facilities also features mirrored manufacturing so that files can be transported back and forth to reproduce or delegate work as needed with rapid response. Our international facilities are beneficial for the varying needs of our customers and locations worldwide, and they contribute to our excellent customer service and distribution.

Details do matter, so we’d like to take you on the journey a product takes from its initial idea to its destination: the hands of the customer.

Design and Production

It all starts with relationships. When customers meet with us, they work with a team that understands their needs. Our designers take great care in detailing the specifications, which are a combination of style trends and innovative technology.

Once the design is complete, the designer sends the file on to knitting, where specific yarns are chosen, and the machines begin to bring the idea to life. One factor that makes CHF facilities unique is that designers can actually walk into another portion of the facility and watch the process happen. Our in-house experts oversee knitting to finishing, and if a mistake happens or a question arises, the design can be adjusted accordingly on the spot.

Inspection and Finalizing

When a design is initially finished, the sample goes to our state-of-the-art quality lab for testing. Our specialists perform a series of tests based on the type of fabric, which may include a burn test, pilling test, wash test, and gram weight tests for pattern and fabric consistency.

If the sample passes inspection through testing, it is sent back to the designer for approval, and the designer then presents it to the customer. From idea to product, the process comes full circle.

We know where it all begins. All of our products are developed and manufactured in-house so that you can trust our process. Our quality fabrics start with thread, build with partnerships through valued customers, and continue through to the end user. We do not design and outsource; we design and implement, because we deliver value in every detail. 


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